Play Nice Accessories x Doodle Factory

A common interest to spread some creative impact sparked our collaboration with Doodle Factory– a design centric Egyptian brand that inclusively empowers children in need, by creatively enabling them to take part in bettering their own lives.
The children are always the backbone and the purpose of everything Doodle Factory does, and that’s the case with their FW’20 “Heartfelt” collection.
In efforts to support building the new “Magdi Yacoub Global Heart Centre” in Cairo, Egypt, Doodle Factory asked the children in need to unleash their creativity on white canvases, and the original drawings representing the physical heart and its movement were used to inspire and create the “Heartfelt” collection.
Our part was to design and produce a jewelry capsule collection that complements the patterns of the “Heartfelt” collection, and we couldn’t have enjoyed the process more.
Together with Doodle Factory, we believe that it takes more than one heart to change the world, so check out our new collection, and remember that your purposeful purchase will help fund a pediatric ward room in the new “Magdi Yacoub Global Heart Centre.”